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Sanitary Food Production Facility

Ensured Sanitary & Hygienic
Engineered Design

For all your Hygienic Construction & Maintenance of Food Premises.

What we do:

Would you trust your life to a surgical operating room designed by a non-industry expert using non-industry standard equipment, materials, and techniques? Of course not.  Equally, you would not want your food processing environment to be built, managed, or maintained in a way that compromises food safety and food processing standards.  


Meet ESHED. ESHED stands for Ensured Sanitary & Hygienic Designs. Operating a food processing plant is very challenging under perfect conditions. Levels of cleanliness, sanitization and contamination control must always be maintained.  If this is the case under normal conditions, imagine how more challenging the plant operation becomes when food processing continues during construction. As with any industrial construction project, modification, or an upgrade of a food processing plant, it requires application of conceptual sanitary design principles .


We partner with you to create a world class manufacturing facility, reduce cross contamination and  ensure your business objectives are met. We do this through services such as providing engineered design solutions , acting as your principal Contractor, Turnkey solutions, Project management and consulting services.

Sanitary Food Processing Factory
ESHED Services

ESHED provides a wide range of services related to manufacturing plant construction, installations and hygienic engineered design of factories and workspaces in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


We act as principal contractor on projects and a turnkey solution. Our involvement will provide you and your team with complete peace of mind and will also ensure that the job is completed correctly the first time.


Our experience matters and ensures that facilities optimised to improve their contribution to your bottom line.

Our Services:

Why choose us?

At ESHED we serve as your trusted partner assisting you with creating and optimizing factory efficiencies, through solutions that ensure food safety is top of mind and avoid contamination during the construction process. It is personal because we care about your operation.


Our years of experience within the manufacturing environment allows us to understand the unique food safety requirements thus able to connect food safety and construction requirements.


We have proven success in creating hygienically engineered design workspaces in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries that flow to your bottom line. We believe in being an extension of your team.


We do this every day, through living our company values: On Time execution -  Superior service - Quality and Safety first - Solutions orientated -  Accountability - Optimism - Trust, Integrity and Respect.

Why Choose ESHED
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+27 83 451 7320

1st Floor, Block B,

Black River Park,

2 Fir Street,

Observatory, Cape Town,

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