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Hygeneic Food Processing Plant ESHED

About Hygienic Design

Hygenic Design Food Factory ESHED

What is Hygienic Design?

It entails the design of equipment and layout of facilities in line with hygiene-oriented standards that allow for good cleanability and surfaces that are resistant to daily exposure to corrosive food products and cleaning and sanitizing chemicals.


Sanitary Hygienic design is the use of clearly defined methods and specifications for the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance within manufacturing facilities , which when integrated , allow for manufacturing efficiencies , timely and effective cleaning of the entire manufacturing workspaces and reduce the risk of cross contamination. Equipment that does not meet basic sanitary or hygienic design principles or is installed or used improperly cannot be adequately cleaned and sanitized.


Reducing the time required for proper cleaning and allowing for optimization on the use of water and chemicals are also tangible benefits of incorporating hygienic design into food manufacturing operations.

The hygienic integration of these segments to a functional system is the result of Hygienic Design and it's Principles and ends up in Hygienic Manufacturing Conditions.

About Hygenic Design ESHED
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